The list of stores below is, in no way comprehensive. It only reflects the retailers I've actually visited and to which I'm extremely partial for a number of reasons - the most important being their exquisite taste in unusual merchandise, and their sterling performance in customer service.


Salem, AR


Florida Pagan Gathering
Altoona, FL


St. George, GA


McLouth, KS


Spirit of the Earth
Hopkinsville, KY


Goddess Rising Conference
Metairie, LA


Southern Maine Pagan Pride Day
Portland, ME


Southeast Massachusetts Pagan Pride Day
Lakeville, MA


Troy, MI


Northern Nevada Pagan Pride Day
Sparks, NV


Earth Warrior's Festival
Clarksville, OH


OKP Beltane
Bartlesville, OK


Pagan Unity Festival
Burns, TN

Pamela Thurlow
    Pam Thurlow is the best in the business when it comes to intuitive readings or contacting and communicating with those on the other side - whether they be spirit guides, departed loved ones or some other entity. [Okay...I'll admit it...she's my personal ghost whisperer! ;)] Best of all, she does readings by telephone, email, or in person, and at very reasonable prices.

Johnnie Two Brows
    With an unsurpassed grasp of the Tarot, Johnnie Two Brows is one of the most accurate readers I've ever known. [He's been known to pinpoint problem areas for me that I never even knew existed.] He does readings both by telephone and in person - also at very reasonable prices - and is available for Tarot parties and private instruction.

    The ladies listed below are not only reputable Root Workers/Conjure Women, they're the folks I depend upon for additional help. [Okay...sometimes, even I can get in over my head! ;)] Best of all, they won't charge an arm, a leg, and the deed to your house to assist you. So whether you need spiritual advice, a spell working, a mojo bag, or some spiritual supplies, you're assured of being in good hands. I guarantee it!
    Dameon Wilburn

    Byron Ballard

    Starr Casas

    Stephanie Pollock Palm

Bayou Witch Incense
    Bayou Witch Incense is more than just an enchanting, powerful fragrance: It's magic at it's best. That's because every single stick is prepared in the ancient traditions of herbal and lunar magic. There's simply none better available for sale.

Coventry Creations
    If you think all magical supplies are created equal, think again! These fabulous candles, oils, incenses and spell kits are not only created by magical practitioners, but done so during planetary aspects in harmony with the magical intent of every product they sell.

Dragonfly Design
    Jennifer of Dragonfly Design handcrafts some of the most gorgeous jewelry I've ever seen - and trust me, I've seen a lot of fabulous jewelry over the years! Her eye for stones, color and placement is absolutely impeccable; so much so, in fact, that I've never seen a Dragonfly Design piece I didn't want to own. ;)

Lapulia Studio
    Incredible museum quality Books of Shadows that are bound in Italian leather using a centuries-old technique, and filled with nearly 700 luscious parchment pages of information and artwork. These books are positively amazing. In fact, nothing I've ever seen even comes close!

Magickal Momentz
    Looking for that one-of-a-kind special gift? Then look no further! Magickal Momentz offers the most gorgeous handcrafted Goddess Prayer Beads you've ever seen. Each comes beautifully packaged in an organza pouch with an ivy embellished scroll of instructions, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. Or maybe even for yourself!

Sabrina the Ink Witch
    The most stunning pen and ink art I've ever seen - perhaps, the most gorgeous in the whole wide world - comes from the very talented hands of Sabrina the Ink Witch. Her eye for detail is unsurpassed. And whether you're looking for the whimsical or magical, you'll find it here.

    The list of authors below defintely bear mention here for a couple of reasons. First of all, they happen to be some of my very favorite people. And while that may not be important to you, the second reason will be: They comprise the cream of the crop when it comes to writing great books! Whether you're looking for a fabulous novel with a paranormal slant or something in the non-fiction Wiccan/Pagan/Metaphysical genre, you'll find with one of these authors. [For your convenience, the fabulous novelists listed here are noted with a star. ;)]

    *Madelyn Alt

    Stephanie Rose Bird

    Lilith Dorsey

    Raven Grimassi

    *G. L Giles

    Judika Illes

    *Sherrilyn Kenyon

    Kristin Madden

    Edain McCoy

    Tish Owen

    Christopher Penczak

    *M.R. Sellars

    *Maggie Shayne

    *Kim Strickland

    Lorna Tedder

    Patricia Telesco

    *Morven Westfield

    Gail Wood

    What would life be without a little music? Pretty damned boring, that's what! So with that in mind, I've listed a group of my favorite musicians to lighten your mood and keep you in the swing of things. Check out their sites and see what they have to offer. Better yet, check their tour schedules to see when they'll be in your area!

    Dragon Ritual Drummers

    Emerald Rose

    Jack Montgomery

    Skinny White Chick

    Spiral Rhythm

    Wendy Rule

    I'm very persnickety about graphics; so much in fact, that I've always designed my own webpages. At least, until now. Yes...I've finally discovered graphic designers whose creations don't just meet my expectations - but soar way beyond! If you're looking for help with your site - or are interested in finding some great eye-candy - go check them out. I've no doubt you'll be just as thrilled with their work as I am!

    Designs by Eleasa

    Jaguar Woman

    There's nothing worse than buying a book only to discover that it either wasn't what you were looking for, or that it's the most boring thing you ever tried to read! So with that in mind, I've listed a few of my favorite book review sites. So let these folks check out your book list first - and next time, you'll know before you buy. ;)

    Bitten by Books

    The Cauldron

    G. L Giles

    Mike Gleason

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