Welcome to Dorothy Morrison's Scrapbook!



Dorothy with Z Harrell at Special Treasures in Gaithersburg, Maryland


Dorothy, Lady Mimi, Lord Russell, and Lady Felicia at Lady Felicia's Occult Supply in New Orleans, Louisiana


At Convocation in Troy, Michigan with Angela Tagett and Denessa and AnnetteSmith just after the Tempest Smith Foundation benefit auction. Angela won a duplicate of my personal spellbook, and Annette and Denessa won The Tempest, a sword handcrafted by A.J. Drew.


Dorothy and Cecelia [The Broom Lady] at the Florida Pagan Gathering in St. Petersburg, Florida


Dorothy and M.R. Sellars at Summerland Grove's Samhain Festival held justoutside of Memphis, Tennessee.


Isaac Bonewitz, Z Harrell, Paul Dargon, Dorothy, Ann Moura and M.R. Sellars just after we'd all tumbled off our bench at the Florida Pagan Gathering. [That was *some* coffee! LOL!]


Dorothy gets a carriage ride - courtesy of Paul Augustino - in his brand new woodland camo lawn trailer.


Dorothy with Lori Preuss at Next Millennium Bookstore in Omaha, Nebraska.


Dorothy shares a chuckle with her dear friend and High Priest of Coven of the Raven, Wayland Raven, during some down time at Beyond the Rainforest in Flint, Michigan.


Flamingoes and sheep were the hit of the party during the PUF Festival at Montgomery Bell State Park just outstide of Nashville, Tennessee.


Signing books and answering a question at Thackeray's Books in Toledo, Ohio. [I can't believe they thought I'd know the answer to that one! LOL!]


With M.R. Sellars at the pre-release party of The Law of Three, held at Sacred Spring in St. Charles, Missouri. And what a party it was!


Gloria Starr, Dorothy, Sandi Liss [proprietoress], Christopher Penczak, and Judika Illes at the annual event at Soul Journey in Butler, New Jersey.


Carrie, Dorothy, Mary, Wayland Raven, and Celeste at WitchStock, the annual RavenMyst Circle get-together held in upper state New York.


Stopping to play with the stingrays while on a snorkeling trip in the Cayman Islands


Country Doodle Doo!