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...Where you can Buy Autographed Books...
...Find Wicked Witch Mojo products and browse
Dorothy's elegant new line of handcrafted altar cloths, wallhangings,
and other accoutrements at Wicked Witch Studios...
...and Shop for Wickedly Cool Stuff at The Flying Monkey Express

*Updated March 2014!*

        Visit the Parlor to find out who Dorothy Morrison is, what she does,
        and why she thinks she needs a website

        Are you an elegant Witch of discriminating tastes? Then browse
        Dorothy's handcrafted line of altar cloths, wallhangings, and other
        magical accoutrements.

        Had all you can stand and can't stand any more? This spot is
        guaranteed to fix all your troubles - and even make you smile again!

        Head to the Library to find out more about Dorothy's books, or
        place an order for an autographed copy.

        The Flying Monkey Express is Morrison Manor's own gift shop.
        You'll find a great selection of merchandise that Dorothy's designed
        just for you!

        Want to see when Dorothy's headed for your city, or check her
        availability? All it takes is a quick look at the Tour Schedule.

        The Study is the place to find out what's new with Dorothy, get
        a glimpse into her future plans, and read the current issue of her

        Want the inside scoop on Dorothy? Then spend some time in the
        Sitting Room looking through Dorothy's scrapbook.

        Curious to see where Dorothy spends her time when she's not on the
        road? Check out the Office.

        Ever wonder where coffee really came from? Or maybe just need a
        good chuckle? Then you won't want to miss reading the Book of

        Great Resources for Busy Folks!

        Email the Schedule Coordinator to book Dorothy for an event or
        receive related information.

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